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Why Use Credee?

Save more lives and deliver exceptional patient experience by offering flexible healthcare financing options. Credee has a No Credit Check policy, approving almost everyone, regardless of their credit scores or payment history. This means even patients with unfavorable credit scores can receive the care they need and pay for it over time.

Why make your patients wait to get the care they deserve when you can finance them instantly? Other patient financing software takes hours or even days to approve a patient. Be the care provider next-door who focuses on treating people instantly without putting any financial stress on them.

Credee simplifies, secures, and accelerates your payment processes. You can create customized financing options for your patients in just a few minutes, and let the software manage contracts and collections on your behalf.

Boost patient experience by offering easy financing options for medical bills and helping them afford out-of-pocket healthcare. It helps keep your patients happy and satisfied, ultimately improving your revenue.

What makes Credee the best financing
software for healthcare providers?

Are you tired of turning away patients who cannot pay for their healthcare or are denied financing by traditional lenders?

Choose Credee and offer affordable healthcare financing options to your patients!

... Created
... Created
... Payment Received

Create easy financing options for your patients with peace of mind, knowing they can choose a plan that best suits their needs and make timely payments. Plus, the software ensures you receive payments every month without delay.

Credee has a 97% approval rate, meaning you can offer easy medical bill financing options to more patients with instant approvals. This allows you to help more patients than ever before and grow your practice exponentially.

Want to offer a convenient way for your patients to apply for financing directly on your website? Just integrate Credee’s web connect into your website and make it easier and more accessible for patients to explore their financing options and select the one that aligns best with their needs.

Offer your patients a seamless & reliable experience, knowing your payments are protected. Credee lets you accept ACH payments, without the risks of disputes & chargebacks. Focus on providing quality care to patients while the best medical billing software handles the rest.

Make a difference by serving everyone with Credee’s inclusive and diverse approach. By catering to a wide range of patients from different backgrounds and countries, you not only help individuals but also contribute to the growth and development of communities worldwide.

Credee’s APIs allow you to create financing plans from your website, ensuring that you don't miss any opportunity to help a patient. From creating contracts to managing payments, you have complete control over everything. Our unmatched support team can help you go live in less than an hour.

A Better World With Better Healthcare

Credee is operational in over 27 countries, promoting diversity and offering employment opportunities worldwide.
Partner with us to help make healthcare accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Empowering caregivers, building healthier communities, and enriching lives worldwide.

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Have to Say About Credee?

Credee has completely transformed the way I offer easy financing options to my patients. I can now finance patients regardless of their credit scores, and the best part is that Credee protects my payments, so I can focus on providing the best care possible. Thanks to Credee, I am able to serve more patients and grow my practice with ease.


John K.

As someone who has struggled with payment delays and defaults from patients in the past, I was hesitant to offer financing options until I discovered Credee. But now I can finance all my patients worry-free, knowing that Credee protects my payments. Since I started using Credee, my payment-related headaches have reduced by 95% and my practice revenue has grown by 70%. Thanks to Credee's protected payments, I don't have to worry about any financial risks.


Lisa J.