While other providers reject patients who can't pay in full, be
the one who offers hearing aid with instant payment plans

Improve lives with flexible
hearing aid payment plans


While more than half of patients are denied hearing aid payment options by traditional lenders, Credee helps you instantly accept them and receive payments directly in your bank account every month.

Stop turning away potential patients who can’t afford your solutions in one go. Let your patients get the hearing aid they need and pay later conveniently.

Generate recurring revenue by offering flexible payment plans to more patients, as Credee approves everyone without running credit checks.

Help more patients with affordable payment plans for hearing aids while you enjoy protected payments.

Don’t want protected payments? No worries! The software will still create, manage, and collect your payments. Also, you keep all the interest.

Processing payments has never been this secure, fast, and easy. Also, enjoy the ability to split the transaction fee with your patients.

Why choose Credee over other hearing aid payment plan software?

Other payments software ONLY accept
patients with good credit scores,

Credee approves almost everyone!

Credee - simplifying your payments,
elevating your revenue.


97% Approval Rate

Credee helps you offer NO CREDIT CHECK hearing aid
payment options to all.


Smooth Enrollment

Enroll into Credee without risk. The software only
makes money when you get your payments.


Easy Web Connect

Create payment plans for your patients 24/7 right from your
website. Just integrate Credee Software into
your website and go live shortly.


Dedicated Support

Get support throughout your journey to success. Our team is always here to guide you and help you make the most of Credee.

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