Be the gynecologist that offers IVF financing options regardless of the patients' credit scores.

Make health care more affordable & accessible with No Credit Check IVF financing

While most lenders demand applicants to have good to excellent credit, Credee lets you offer flexible IVF financing to ALL

Don't let the hassle of credit scores & payment surety keep you from helping women experience the joy of motherhood. Use Credee to create instant payment plans for IVF in minutes!

Earn more revenue while being assured your payments are protected. Don't want protected payments? You can still use the software to create, collect, & manage payments.

Help more people experience the joy of parenthood by offering them your services now & allowing them to pay later in flexible installments.

With Credee, you increase your revenue and reputation while decreasing the risks of missed payments and bad debts. The automated software handles everything on your behalf.

Accept ACH payments easily in your account and even reclaim the power of choice when it comes to splitting or passing on the interest to your patients.

Why you should choose Credee for offering IVF financing options?

No Credit Check. Protected Payments. Flexible Payment Plans.

Grow your gynecologist practice with easy IVF financing


Approve Everyone

Pass on happiness & fulfillment to ALL patients. Credee's lets you create No Credit Check IVF payment plans for all. It takes only a few minutes to get started.


Free Web Connect

Make your experience with Credee one step easier & more profitable by integrating it into your website. It takes only a few minutes to get started & go live shortly.


Automated Bad Debt Recovery

Focus on treating more patients while the software handles payments for you. Even if you have bad debts, simply upload outstanding accounts & let it recover the unrealized revenue.


Protected Payments

Say goodbye to missed payments or trying to reach out patients on your own. Do more things that matter while Credee ensures you are paid for the treatments you offer.

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