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While lenders deny financing to half of the oral surgery patients, be the dentist that offers instant financing to 97% of the patients.

Focus on treating more patients with easy oral surgery financing and let Credee's automated software create, collect, and manage payments for you.

Credee is the only automated software that lets you offer No Credit Check oral surgery financing to patients regardless of their credit scores.

Say goodbye to bad debts as Credee protects your payments. Create oral surgery financing plans for patients without stressing over outstanding accounts.

Give people the ability to afford your treatments now and let them pay later conveniently in flexible installments.

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What's the hype about Credee?

The automated software creates, manages,
and collects payments on behalf of oral
surgeons while they focus on their practice.

No Credit Check. 97% Approval. Instant Payment Plans.

Equipping oral surgeons with easy
payment plans for patients


Keep Your Interest

Unlike other merchants that cost you thousands of dollars for processing payments, Credee gives you back the power to split or pass on the fee to your patients.


Flexible Financing For Oral Surgery

Losing a lot of patients because they can't pay in full at the moment? Create instant payment plans now, so your patients can pay later comfortably.


Sign Up For FREE

No need to pay anything to use the Credee software. Just sign up and start offering financing options for oral surgery in a few minutes.


Protected Payments

Keep your patients happy without compromising your revenue. Finance more patients for oral surgery while Credee handles your payments.

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