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Offer your patients instant financing for weight loss surgery as Credee approves them without checking their credit scores.

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Credee helps streamline your payment processes. The automated software creates payment plans as well as manages and collects payments from patients while you focus on your practice.

You never have to turn away a paying patient. Create a payment plan for weight loss surgery that best fits your patient's needs and budget easily.

How Credee is different from traditional weight loss payment plan software?

Other payments software ONLY accept
patients with good credit scores,

Credee approves nearly everyone!

All-in-one solution to simplify weight loss
surgery payment options

No credit check

No more denying potential patients the transformation the need because of their credit scores. Credee approves everyone!

Easy Web Connect

Integrate Credee into your website and let it work for you 24/7. Start creating payment plans for your patients directly from your website.

Free Sign Up & Training

Enroll into Credee without risk. Credee only makes money when you get your payments.

Decide your interest

You can keep all the interest and Credee will still create, manage, and collect payments for you.