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Offer flexible payment options to all of your customers with more confidence and Less Risk

97% Approval Rate

Credee’s No Credit Check policy ensures that you can provide payment options to almost all your customers.

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Flexible Payment Options

Help more customers access your services by offering them flexible payment plans that suit their unique financial needs.

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Easy API Hub Integration

Credee integrates with your existing system seamlessly to help your business streamline its financial processes.

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Payment Protection

Credee protects your payments to make sure you keep receiving recurring monthly revenue, even if your customers miss/delay a payment.

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One Solution, Expanded Reach.

Credee is now available in multiple countries and speaks the language you prefer and that connects to your customers.

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Partner with Credee and elevate your business to new heights!

At Credee, we specialize in revolutionizing payment and collection processes for businesses globally.

Benefits from our Solutions:

Credee Installment Plans

Transform Lost Revenue into Recurring Income with Credee Installment Plans:


Capture Missed Opportunities

Transform potential lost sales into revenue with Credee Installment Plans, catering to customers denied traditional financing.


Increase your Financial Resilience

Diversify your income sources, making your business more robust and better equipped to handle economic shifts.


Reduced Financial Barriers

Lower the upfront cost barrier for customers, making your products or services more accessible and encouraging purchases.


Learn how much additional profit you can make by simply adding Credee to your existing process or system

Customers per month (For Payment Plans) 100
10 500

Approx. Profit


Avg. Payment Plan Amount/Customer: $1,500

Credee benefits all businesses, regardless of their size!


Small Businesses

Credee’s automated software makes providing your customers with payment plans easier thus helping you increase your sales. 

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Large Businesses

Using Credee, large businesses can ensure their revenue gets the boost it needs while making their services accessible to a whole new customer base. 

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Since integrating Credee into our payment system, we've seen a remarkable increase in sales. Customers who were hesitant due to upfront costs are now confidently making purchases, thanks to Credee's flexible payment plans. It's been a game-changer for our retail business."

Retail Business Owner

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Credee has revolutionized the way we handle transactions. The ease of use and the ability to offer diverse payment methods has significantly improved our customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates and repeat business.

Online E-commerce Platform CEO

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As a small service provider, managing finances used to be a huge challenge. With Credee, not only have we streamlined our billing and collections, but we've also noticed a boost in client retention due to the transparent and customer-friendly payment options.

Service Industry Entrepreneur

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In the healthcare industry, patient care is our top priority. Credee has helped us focus more on providing quality care rather than worrying about financial constraints. Its efficient payment collection system ensures smooth operations and patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Clinic Manager

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Our partnership with Credee has allowed us to offer more flexible payment terms to our business clients. This flexibility has greatly enhanced our relationships and has given us a competitive edge in the market.

B2B Solutions Provider

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As a startup, every penny counts. Credee's cost-effective transaction model has significantly reduced our operational costs. The simplicity and efficiency of their platform have allowed us to allocate more resources towards innovation and growth.

Technology Startup Founder


Powerful & Secure Solution

Credee ensures you get the best features as per your business needs without compromising on data security.

Credee uses the latest standard in data encryption to ensure that your business and its customer’s data is secure all the time. It adds credibility to your business and your customers can share their information without any fear. Credee not only protects your personal data but also ensures security for your online transactions. 

Globe Making a Global Impact

Join us and be part of a global movement that promotes diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Credee is creating a positive impact in 27+ countries by promoting diversity and by creating job opportunities. But the mission is not over yet. We need more passionate and talented people like you to join us to help us take this movement forward.

Together, we can create a world where businesses can ensure every customer who needs their services has access to them.

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Customer financing at your fingertips

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    Credee is an easy solution to finance your customers.

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    Less risk while improving retention and boosting sales for your business.

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    Credee’s advanced encryption keeps your user data SAFE.

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    The user interface works as seamlessly on the app as on the website.

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