Unlimited Commission Opportunities For All

Strengthen Your Partnership With Tiered Benefits

Earn Through Tiered Commissions System

As partners advance through our tiered commission structure, they receive increasingly generous rewards.

Add Sub-Partners

Leverage the potential of your network with collaborative relationships and earn additional recurring commissions on adding sub partners.

No Limits On Commissions

Refer as many partners as you can to boost your earning potential. The more referrals you bring in, the higher you rank, and the more commission you earn.

Calculate Your Commission

What is your monthly target for registering or onboarding businesses into the program?

Please enter a value between 1 & 20.
1 20

How many payment plans is each business expected to generate monthly?

Please enter a value between 1 & 20.
1 20

What is the anticipated average monthly recurring amount for each payment plan?

Please enter a value between 1 & 2000. $
$1 $2000

Refer sub-partners and earn additional commissions

How many partners could you add under your partner account each month?

Please enter a value between 1 & 10.
1 10

Amazing! You Will Earn



First Month Commission

First Month Commission from your Businesses
First Month Commission from sub-partners

*If you continue adding the following numbers each month

  • $ Avg. Reccuring

*We assume your sub partners will add same number of businesses, payment plans and add sub partners under their account at each tier.

Your Year End Commission Will Be $

Your Year End Commission Will Be $

Know how we are calculating?

Refer Partners, Earn Commission!

Refer sub-partners and earn additional commissions

More Money, More Success

Become a Credee Partner and Reap The Rewards

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Tap into these offerings designed to set you up for success.

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Get Trained

Leverage the tools and resources available on your partner panel and begin training yourself on our comprehensive features.

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Free Marketing Materials

We want to support you in every way possible. We provide an extensive array of marketing materials, educational resources, training guides, and a lot more.

Access resources directly from your partner panel.

Exclusive To All Our Partners

Launch A Personalized Web Page

Publish a ready-to-launch, personalized, & mobile-friendly web page. This digital front helps you seamlessly connect with potential partners and drive more interest and conversions.

Customize & Optimize Your Profile

Choose from multiple ready-to-use templates. Also, add options to schedule training and book a demo for new partners, ensuring a smoother onboarding process.

Unlock Achievements & Earn Badges

Deepen your expertise and put your knowledge to the test with quizzes. Unlock exclusive assets by achieving milestones, earning badges, and stand out as a certified expert.

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