Why Choose Credee?

We help businesses across different industries and specialties minimize their risk of chargebacks or payment disputes through ACH payment processing.

Instantly approve your potential customers & start growing your business.

Our 97% approval rate with no credit checks makes it easier to offer all your customers flexible payment options for your services.

Credee also offers a "social payments" feature, where your customers can seek assistance from their friends and family to contribute to their payments.

This initiative helps provide financial help to customers who need it. 

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    Flexible Payment Options

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    No Credit Checks

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    Secure & Protected

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    Automated Software

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    Track Everything in One Dashboard

How We Started?

Credee started as a simple financing option that businesses could offer to their customers.

But soon, we grew into a leading choice for businesses across a variety of industries and nations when it came to making services accessible to more people.

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More features:




Credee’s Commitment


Complete Transparency

Credee ensures that no hidden charges or additional fees would surprise you. Our terms of service are extremely transparent, and we adhere to the highest standards in everything we do.


Highly Accessible

Our 97% approval rate empowers your business to provide payment plans to every deserving customer at affordable interest rates. Credee makes your services more accessible to potential customers. 


Easy-To-Use and Integrate

Our software easily integrates with your existing system in just a few minutes. You do not need any technical knowledge, and our team supports you throughout the process. Using our software, you can create payment contracts seamlessly and track all transactions.


Innovation-First Approach

We prioritize technological innovations and automation in our software. That is why Credee is created, considering how we can simplify your business by capitalizing on the ever-changing landscape of technology.

Feel the Credee Difference!

Credee has gained a reputation for being the most trusted payment solution software across multiple countries because it offers the following:

Instant Payment Plans

No Credit Checks

Multi Currency Support

Transparent & Simple Terms

Easy Integration

ACH Payments for Reduced Chargebacks

Available in Multi Languages & Countries

Protected Payments

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Offer payment plans to more customers without any manual effort.

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