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Making Customer Financing More
Affordable and Accessible

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Why Credee?

For businesses, we minimize the risks of chargebacks and payment disputes through ACH payment processing. This allows businesses to operate with maximum security.

Credee is all about simplifying the way businesses finance their customers. From creating payment plans to tracking overdue payments — the software can do it all!

Benefit from Credee's NO CREDIT CHECK financing, automated payment process, & more exclusive features.

Our Commitment



We're all about technology & automation. Credee is built on the approach that innovation helps deliver the best results.


It takes a few minutes to get started with payment plans and contracts. The entire process is seamless and easy for even non-tech savvy businesses.


We believe in transparency & morals. Credee strictly adheres to high business standards, ethics, and authenticity in everything it does.

Affordable & Accessible

With 97% approval, you can finance any customer and make your services accessible for them.

What Sets Us Apart?

Credee is the most reliable, safest payment options software as it offers:

Instant Payment Plans

No Credit Check

Recover Past Due Accounts

Community Driven Donations

Easy-To-Understand Terms

No Deferred Interest

Affordable Monthly Payments

Fewer Disputes & Chargebacks With ACH Payments

Love Success?
You’ll ❤ Credee!

Payment processing was never this easy! Thanks for coming up with such an amazing software that handles everything.

Damiyah Mcwells


Love Success?
You’ll ❤ Credee!

We were skeptical at first about integrating Credee into our software, but it turned out to be the best decision we ever made. It has simplified payment plans and processing meanwhile ensuring all the money.

Robinson Clarke


Love Success?
You’ll ❤ Credee!

Financing my customers was never this easy! Thanks for coming up with such amazing software that handles everything from creating payment plans.

Andrew K.Smith

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