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Credible. Convenient. Customizable

Credee can manage the entire billing and payment process for your business regardless of how high it scales up. Our automated software reduces your burden so you can focus on the core areas of your business that need your attention. 


Satisfied Businesses 


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Capitalize on the power of automation to boost your business

Integrate Credee with your existing platform and take your business to new heights

We have 50+ APIs for you to choose from

Credee has an API for every single billing and payment-related need you may have. Select one of our quickly integrated APIs to streamline your process.

API Hub Experts at your service

Need some assistance? Our experts are available to assist you in integrating our APIs with your website in a matter of minutes.

Manage all your locations from a single dashboard

One login to manage multiple locations

Credee allows you to manage the accounts of your various locations from anywhere in the world simply by logging into your dashboard.

All your data in one place

You can manage all your payment contracts, customer details, and pending payment details from a single location.

Intelligence-based insights

Credee provides you with real-time insights that help your business make critical decisions about its finances going forward.

Create customized parameters

We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to business. That is why Credee lets you set customized parameters according to your business’s unique needs.

Be Accessible to More Customers to Boost Your Business


Safe & Secure Transactions

All transactions using our software are encrypted according to the latest data protection standards. We ensure your and your customer’s financial information is secure.



Our software is easy to use and integrates with your website instantly. Navigating through the dashboard to perform various functionalities is also a breeze even for a layperson.


Powerful APIs

Our APIs handle all your payment-related needs and allow you to streamline your entire billing process. Credee integrates with any existing system in less than an hour and then you are ready to go.


Processing Fee Options

Credee provides businesses the option to split their payment processing fees with their customers. This unique flexibility allows you to customize your payment options.


Take Charge

Exercise full control over your customer payments and all billing-related decisions. Our support team will be available to guide you through the entire process.


Transparent Process

We do not charge any hidden fees or additional amounts. Everything is transparent from the get-go. All our terms and conditions are easy to understand.

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