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With CredeeFi, provide payment plans with no hidden fees or additional interest

Your business may be failing to capitalize on customers who need your services but cannot pay in full and are not able to get financing through traditional means. Through CredeeFi, you can offer them payment plans with no credit check and instant approval. 

Why Choose CredeeFi?


No Hidden Charges or Interest

At Credee, we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency and assurance of no hidden fees or superfluous charges. Take confidence in the fact that you will receive the correct amount for your services through monthly installments.


Faster Business Growth

Attract new customers and retain existing ones to boost profitability by offering simple payment plans to customers unable to pay for your services in lump sum. Expand your customer base with Credee.


Protected Payments

Offer flexible payment plans to your customers worry free as our Protected Payments feature is here to help. Focus on growing your business while we minimize the risk of missed or delayed payments by your customers.


Seamless and Secure Payments

Your customers get a smooth and seamless payment experience whether they are paying using a card or an ACH bank transfer. We protect you against any headache of dealing with disputes or chargebacks.

Growing Your Business Through An Improved Customer Experience

We know that the easier it is for your target market to purchase your services, the more likely they will convert into paying customers. Through CredeeFi, we make that purchase process a better experience for all.

97% Approval Rate

At Credee, we have one of the highest approval rates as compared to traditional lenders. So you can have confidence that a vast majority of your customers will receive instant approval for payment plans for your services.


Focused on Security

We use state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption to ensure that you and your customer’s sensitive information is kept secure at all times. Credee also offers around-the-clock support to help you with any payment-related issues.

Provide Payment Options From Your Website

Using Credee’s Web Connect feature, you can seamlessly integrate our software with your existing website. Allow your customers to access various payment plans 24/7 conveniently from a website they already trust.

No Credit Check

Whether your potential customers have bad credit scores or lack credit history, we can help you provide them with accessible payment plans. With Credee, there is no longer a reason to miss out on business due to credit score issues.


Realize Your Business’s True Potential with CredeeFi

Get Recurring Payments at No Additional Fees!

Choose CredeeFi today to get maximum recurring payment amounts from your customers every month with added payment security. Minimize your risk and maximize your revenue through our software.


in Protected Payments

By partnering with Credee, businesses have received more than $60K in protected payments.


Customer Satisfaction Rate

Businesses using Credee enjoy a higher customer satisfaction and retention rate.


Growth in Average Monthly Revenue

Since joining Credee, businesses have seen a 52% increase in their average monthly revenue.

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Offer payment plans to more customers without any manual effort.

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