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When you integrate Credee with your existing website, you can directly offer your website visitors flexible payment options. It makes accessing your services easier for your customers and increases revenue. Through this integration, you can keep your website visitors from leaving and keep them engaged. Now, you never have to lose customers because of their unfavorable credit history, as they can get payment plans with no credit check through Credee

Did you know that using Credee offers your customers instant payment plans with no credit check? 


How does Web Connect benefit your business?


Easy Integration

Our software integrates seamlessly with your website without any hassle. Once integrated, you can immediately start offering your potential customers payment plans. There is no special software or hardware needed for this integration.


Approve 97% of Customers

Through Credee’s Web Connect, you can increase your chances of getting new customers that you would have lost otherwise due to their unfavorable credit scores. You will never have to lose a customer simply because they cannot pay for your services upfront.

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How to get started?

Create payment contracts for your customers within minutes of integrating Credee’s Web Connect.

You can create a payment contract from your website or send contract links to your customers directly.

Once the contracts are created, you can access all their options from your dashboard, like payment amount, terms of completing the payment, and more.

Transform your website into a 24x7 source of revenue.

Never lose customers again because they cannot pay for your services upfront. Use Credee’s Web Connect to instantly approve payment plans for deserving customers with no credit check.

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Offer payment plans to more customers without any manual effort.

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