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We simplify the complexities of your customer payments

Create payment plans and contracts for your customers instantly without requiring any credit and an approval rate of 97% with Credee.


Businesses Served 


Payment Contracts


Profit Increase


Industries Covered

Automate your small business’s billing and payments for Big growth

Integrate Credee’s easy-to-use software into your existing system and watch your business grow

Get Instant Approval With No Credit Check

Credee’s no credit check policy ensures that you will be able to provide payment plans to all your deserving customers regardless of their having an unfavorable credit score.

Free Enrollment for All Small Businesses

Get free training and enrollment for your business to make the onboarding process seamless.

Take Advantage of Integrating Credee’s Powerful APIs into Your Website for Free

Offer your deserving customers flexible payment plans directly from your website 24/7. Never again miss an opportunity to convert website traffic into revenue.

Give Your Revenue the Boost It Needs with Credee


Secure Transactions

We offer your business ACH payments that enforce additional security for all its payments. Credee also adheres to the latest data protection and encryption to keep your data secure.


Easy to Navigate

Our software’s interface is simple and intuitive. It can be easily operated by even a layperson. You can conveniently use it to generate payment contracts and keep track of other transactions.


Feature-Packed APIs

Our APIs cater to all your needs and integrate seamlessly with your current website or platform within minutes. Streamline your workflow and expand your business with Credee.


Split Processing Fee

Credee allows small businesses to split their processing fees with their customers if they desire to do so. This way, you get more flexibility with your payments.


You Control It All

You have complete control over all the payment contracts you create and share with your customers. You can customize parameters as per your business’s needs.


No Concealed Charges

There are sneaky charges or additional fees that are kept hidden from you. We take pride in Credee’s complete transparency.

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