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We understand that in today's dynamic market, your business requires a payment solution that is innovative, adaptable, and offers convenience to your customers, ultimately making your services more accessible and affordable to all.

With Credee as your trusted payment options partner, you can confidently overcome the challenges and focus on expanding your business, risk-free.

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    Simplified payment processes
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    Secure recurring earnings
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    Attract & retain more customers
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    Increase sales & grow business

Experience the benefits of our comprehensive payment solution first hand with:


A payment plan that safeguards and guarantees total security for your business.

CredeeFi enables businesses to offer payment plans to their customers, irrespective of their credit scores, without any hidden fees. All our plans, including CredeeFi, prove highly beneficial in scenarios where conventional financing options might not be the best option for your customers. Hence transforming potential no-sales into successful transactions.

This feature also addresses the issue of the unavailability of traditional financing options for customers who might need services but cannot afford the full payment at once. With CredeeFi, customers can easily pay for the services in convenient monthly installments.

Businesses that use CreedeFi reported up to a 27% increase in their revenue owing to no additional interest or hidden fee charged on their contracts.


Also, Credee provides a PAYMENT PROTECTION, assuring businesses receive their payments even if customers miss their payments. By minimizing financial risks associated with payment plans and processing, businesses can focus more on providing quality services to their customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and sales while ensuring financial security.


Did you know?

70% of the customers said the ability to pay for services in installments significantly influenced their decision to purchase from a business.

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SimpleeFi gives businesses the ability to provide No Credit Check payment plans to their customers while enjoying timely payments right from the first month i.e. NO payment reserves. In addition, timely payments are PROTECTED by Credee.

This payment plan option is especially valuable for businesses looking to increase their sales by offering more flexible payment options, attracting more customers, and increasing their revenue. Also, this feature is ideal for customers who may not have access to traditional financing options.

While other customer financing solutions charge standard interest rates from your customers, choose SimpleeFi and offer up to 2.33% lower interest rates to your customers, improving customer satisfaction & retention.

SimpleeFi With Deferred Interest

Now, you can supercharge customer satisfaction and fuel your business growth with the BETTER version of SimpleeFi- SimpleeFi with ‘Deferred Interest.’

With deferred interest available for a period of up to 12 months, this payment plan emerges as an appealing choice for customers requiring that additional time.Even if they make partial payments, no interest will be added until the next due date, ensuring a hassle-free experience. After the deferred period, or in case of a missed payment,  a reduced interest rate of 2.33% lower than the standard rates will be applied.

SimpleeFi With Deferred Interest creates a mutually beneficial situation: your customers benefit from flexible payment terms, while you get improved business opportunities with an added layer of security.


Customized for businesses seeking complete control over their interest rates, KeepeeFi empowers businesses to define their own terms and retain all the accrued interest. This payment plan is ideal if businesses aim to fully optimize revenue from each transaction. It provides the flexibility to tailor payment choices according to your business strategy. Thus, ensuring that you capture the maximum value from every customer interaction.


Evidently, with KeepeeFi, Credee refrains from retaining any upfront or reserve payments. This translates to immediate payment for the services rendered as soon as a customer makes a payment, ensuring you receive your earnings promptly without delays.

Businesses using KeepeeFi have reported a 62% increase in customer loyalty and repeat business in a year, leading to sustainable revenue growth.

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Credee offers seamless integration with existing business systems, enabling businesses to streamline their workflows and improve productivity. Our dedicated support team is always on standby to assist businesses in the implementation process and ensure a hassle-free experience.

Furthermore, businesses leveraging Credee's API Hub under their brand have experienced significant improvements in brand recognition and a 67% boost in customer loyalty.


With a consistent and intuitive financing solution, businesses can attract new customers while retaining existing ones, resulting in increased revenue and long-term growth.

Web Connect

Credee's Web Connect offers a convenient solution for businesses seeking to increase sales and revenue 24/7.
By integrating this feature into their website, businesses can offer customers a convenient way to apply for financing directly on their website.

This feature simplifies the workflow for businesses and is easy to use. Contracts can be created for services, which customers can access directly on the website or via links provided to them. The contract terms can be customized to include down payment amounts and payment terms.


Integrating Web Connect can help businesses earn recurring revenue even if customers cannot pay the total amount for the services at once. This feature has the potential to convert potential customers into buyers and grow businesses in real-time.

In fact, a recent survey found that offering payment plan options increased sales by 58% on average. One of the reasons why more and more businesses are integrating payment solutions into their existing systems.

Credee - A Winning Formula To Empower Your Business & Delight Customers

Credee's payment solutions present a mutually beneficial opportunity for both businesses and customers. By providing accessible financing options to customers, businesses can enhance their sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Customers, in turn, can use the opportunity to pay off their contracts and build their credit score, as Credee reports their timely payments to major Credit Bureaus, thereby achieving their financial objectives.


This payment solution serves as a valuable alternative for businesses seeking to offer flexible financing choices to customers while boosting their revenue.

A renowned home improvement company in Los Angeles integrated Credee into its existing system. In just 6 months, the company saw a remarkable 70% surge in sales and improved customer satisfaction levels.

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Partner Program:

Enroll in the Credee Partner Program today and start earning commissions on every successful referral. Our sign-up process is simple and quick. All you need to do is register with Credee's Partner Program and submit the required information. Our automated system will create a unique Partner ID for you.


We also provide free training to help you become familiar with the software and enable you to promote it effectively. With our program, you can earn an unlimited income by making smart recommendations.

Every month, more than a hundred individuals join the Credee Partner Program and take advantage of a dependable and secure method to earn extra income.

More than 79% of the new partners have earned $4500, on average, in just 4 months after joining the program.

Credee's Multilingual Capabilities

Create payment plans in the language you and your customers prefer and fuel your business growth like never before.

The supported languages include:

  • France

  • Spanish

  • German

  • Polish

  • Italian

  • English

  • Japanese

How Does It Benefit Your Business?

  • Language Fusion: Break down language barriers and engage diverse customers effortlessly.
  • Expand Your Reach & Business Growth: Tap into new markets and connect with more customers globally to fuel your revenue.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge: Offer a personalized, convenient experience that sets you apart.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Show you care about your customers’ needs & preferences.
  • Easy To Use: No complicated codes required, switching between languages is as easy as A-B-C.

According to a recent report, 75% of customers are more likely to purchase services if the information is provided in their native language.

Credee Supports Multiple Currencies

With Credee, currency convenience is at your fingertips. Credee supports the following countries and currencies:

  • Canada

  • France

  • Australia

  • Italy

  • Poland

    (zł) (€)
  • United Kingdom

    (£) & (€)
  • United States

  • New Zealand

  • Spain

  • Germany



The Ultimate Solution To Automate Your Debt Collection

CredeeBill stands out as an innovative debt recovery solution that transforms the often cumbersome task of debt collection into a seamless and automated process.

This feature has been designed to eliminate time-consuming manual efforts, saving time, money, and resources. It offers real-time insights into debt recovery, empowering businesses with valuable data for strategic decision-making.


CredeeBill reduces the need for an expensive in-house collection team or external collection agencies, as it can efficiently handle all the grunt work, ensuring hassle-free collection management.

It emerges as a comprehensive and innovative solution, addressing the limitations and challenges posed by traditional debt collection options.


CredeeBill Comparison table

Criteria Collection Agencies In-House Collections CredeeBill
Cost Expensive (charges 25–50% of collected amount) Expensive (staff hiring required) The most cost-effective option
Approach Unethical approach Legal compliance risks Ethical debt recovery
  • May prioritize easy accounts
  • Difficult accounts may be neglected
Lack of debt collection expertise
  • Works tirelessly
  • Knows when to send reminders
  • Payment options even for difficult accounts
Success Rate Varies (typically <50%)< /td> Low success rate
  • High success rate
  • Tailored for maximum recovery
Communication Efficiency Aggressive approach Ineffective communication No human confrontation
Payment Options Availability No flexibility Limited options Offers flexible payment options
Level of Control
  • Lack of transparency
  • No control over the collection agency’s tactics
Needs highly organized strategy and supervision
  • Complete control with minimum supervision
  • Fully Automated process
Business Reputation Impacts reputation based on interaction with the collection agency Reputation is at stake
  • No embarrassment for customers
  • Better reputation management

Unlock the full potential of your business with Credee.

Sign up today to streamline your payment processes and boost your cash flow. Credee is equipped with all the powerful tools you need to create payment plans, manage billing cycles, automate manual processes, increase revenue, etc.

Simultaneously, it gives your customers the flexibility to opt for either an immediate full payment, partial payment, or a pre-defined payment plan.

Take charge of seamless customer financing with Credee – The future is here.


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