How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost? Everything You Need To Know

  • Vishali
  • January 19, 2024
How much does a neck lift cost

Have a saggy neck, double chin, or "Turkey Neck"? A neck lift is the ultimate solution. It’s a specialized, and most importantly, minimally invasive procedure that promises a firm jawline and a well-defined neck. But before getting the surgery, the neck lift cost is probably at the top of your mind.

In this blog, you'll learn, "How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?" with a comprehensive cost analysis and gain insights on the best payment option without insurance.

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Breakdown of Average Cost of Neck Lift

A Lower Rhytidectomy a.k.a. neck lift procedure, costs somewhere between $5,000–$7,000 in most cities. However, on the higher end, it can cost over $20,000+ for a complex full neck lift including the associated expenses. 

The following factors affect the neck lift cost:

Surgeon’s FeeIt varies depending on the surgeon’s skills, experience, demand, or reputation.
Anesthesia CostThese are standard anesthetic charges that vary in every state.
Facility CostsIt is usually an outpatient procedure, but if a hospital stay is required you may incur facility costs.
Post-Op CareThese are usually charged after the surgery.
Additional Procedures (i.e., Lower Facelift Cost)Sometimes surgeons may recommend the neck lift in combination with another procedure, such as a lower facelift, for the desired results. Hence, it adds to the overall cost.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost Based on the Type of Neck Lift?

Cosmetic surgeons use different neck lift techniques tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. So, the cost differs based on the type of neck lift you need. 

Here’s a comparison of the average cost for various types of neck lifts:

Type of Neck Lift Average Cost Range
Thread Lift Cost (face & neck) $2,000–$5,900
Mini Neck Lift Cost $5,000–$7,000
Full Neck Lift Cost $5,774–$12,700
Neck Lift with Liposuction $8,500–$14,000
Neck and Face Lift Cost $12,000–$20,000+

These are the average estimated costs that you can expect in most cities. But the cost can generally be much higher in big cities.

Neck Lift Cost in Major Cities in the U.S.

City Average Neck Lift Cost Range
New York City, NY $7000–$15,000
Los Angeles, CA $6,000–$12,000
Miami, FL $5,800–$18,000
Princeton, NJ $5,000–$10,000
Atlanta GA $6,200–$9,000
Chicago, IL $6,500–$12,000
Plano, TX $8,000–$15,000
Boston, MA $6,000–$15,500
Phoenix, AZ $6,000–$10,000
Nashville, TN $8,500–$10,000
Harrison, AR $5,000–$13,000
Denver, CO $8,400–$19,000
Fairfield, CT $5,300–$11,400
Seattle, WA $6000–$10,350
Washington, DC $5,000–$11,500
West Virginia, VA $10,000–$19,900
Philadelphia, PA $6,300–$17,000
Portland,  OR $11,000 – $16,000
Ann Arbor,  MI $6,100–$11,200
Baltimore, MD $7,500–$12,500
**These are the estimated average costs and the actual cost can vary based on the associated costs. Hence, it's crucial to consult with a professional cosmetic surgeon for a personalized quote.

Does Insurance Cover The Neck Lift Cost?

Insurance coverage generally depends on the purpose of the procedure. For instance, whether it’s medically necessary or not determines the insurance coverage. Although neck lift is mostly performed for cosmetic reasons, and isn’t covered by medical insurance. 

However, if a neck lift is needed to fix a neck deformity (due to a disease or injury from an accident) insurance coverage may apply. 

But not to worry! While insurance isn’t a viable option for most, flexible payment plans are certainly the way to go. 

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Using Payment Plan Options to Pay for a Neck Lift

Credee is one of the most popular payment solutions that helps cosmetic surgeons provide hassle-free payment plans for their patients. 

Here’s what makes Credee payment plans the best choice:

  • No Credit Checks: Credee does not require a credit check for approval. Hence, it is more easily available to a wider audience 
  • High approval rate: The application process is quick with instant approvals and a 97% approval rate.
  • Flexibility: It allows greater flexibility in choosing a payment plan with customizable duration.

All you need to do is find an affiliate provider or discuss paying using Credee with your cosmetic surgeon.

Final Takeaway

A neck lift is highly effective in tightening the neck skin. It helps eliminate the excess fat and loose skin that contribute to a turkey neck condition, rejuvenating your appearance. But the cost can be a hurdle as the insurance doesn’t cover this type of procedure. However, choosing a payment plan can make it accessible without the excessive financial burden.

So, if flexible payment options are your priority, make sure to consult with your provider regarding using Credee.  

1. What is the Neck Lift Cost (From Lowest to Highest)?

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgeons, the highest can be $12,700+ on average. However, the lowest cost generally ranges between $4,500–$7000, including the anesthesia cost, surgeon’s fee, and other expenses.

2. Which factors can influence neck lift costs?

There are various factors that influence the cost of a neck lift, including the surgeon's expertise, geographical location, facility fees, anesthesia costs, the complexity of the procedure, etc.

3. How Much Does a Full Neck Lift vs. a Mini Neck Lift Cost?

A full neck lift can cost anywhere from $5,000 to over $20,000. However, a mini neck lift usually costs half of that, i.e., $3,500–$10,000, while the results are still pretty visibly apparent and give you a youthful appearance.

4. Can Insurance Cover The Expenses Of A Neck Lift?

No, insurance typically does not cover neck lift surgery as it is considered a cosmetic a.k.a. elective procedure.

5. How to Pay for a Neck Lift?

Opting for a payment plan option is an excellent option to pay for a neck lift. For this, you need to consult the cosmetic surgeon and discuss your payment preferences beforehand. Many providers use Credee to create custom payment plans for clients who can’t pay all at once. It gives you the flexibility to pay via smaller installments and immediately access a wide range of cosmetic procedures.

For more information on Credee payment plans, get in touch with our experts.

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