Provide Flexible Payment Options For:

Aesthetic/Cosmetology Services

Provide personalized plans for a variety of beauty enhancement treatments, including chemical peels, facials, hair treatments, and more.

Dermatology Services

Become the next-door dermatologist, offering affordable payment options for dermatitis, acne, and a wide range of skin and body treatments.

Grow With Credee

Credee enables beauty professionals to boost profitability by making luxury cosmetic services affordable and convenient for everyone.

Easy Payment Plan Setup

Creating custom payment plans for beauty services is as easy as A-B-C and requires just a few steps and a quick verification.

Quick Approvals

Eliminate the hassle of credit checks with Credee’s “No Credit Check” policy and a 97% approval rate.

Secure Transactions

The automated system is fully equipped with robust data security and advanced encryptions, ensuring smooth & secure transactions every time.

Payment Solutions For Beauty And Care

Automated Payment Plan Management

The system automatically keeps track of every contract. From monitoring payments to sending reminders before the due date to real-time reporting, it takes over all the hassle.

Flexible payment Options for beauty and care

No Hidden Fee

Receive the full amount every time a customer makes a payment, without any hidden charges or deductions.

Beauty and Care payment options for Bad Credit

High Customer Satisfaction

Businesses using Credee enjoy higher customer satisfaction rates, more conversions, and increased customer retention.

API Integration for Beauty and Care

Web Connect & API Hub

It's simple to integrate Credee directly into your website or existing system for faster conversions. Additionally, its 45+ APIs make your workflow easier, smoother, and more efficient.

Step Into The Future With Holistic And Inclusive Payment Options For Beauty Treatments

It's time to go the extra mile and enhance the customer experience. Embrace payment flexibility with Credee to redefine your approach and provide accessible beauty services for all.

What’s More?

Protected Payments

Credee protects part of your payments, minimizing fluctuations and ensuring seamless cash flow for your business's financial well-being.

Multi-language Functionality

Send payment plan proposals in over 7 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Japanese, extending your services to a wider client base.

Payment Plans With Deferred Interest

Credee also has payment plans with a 12-month deferred interest option, so your clients can enjoy paying interest-free installments for a year while you benefit from timely payments.

Automated Debt Collection Technology

No more chasing down overdue payments; simply automate the collection process with CredeeBill. It's the ultimate solution for automating debt recovery for your beauty clinic without spending a dime.

Payment Options For Beauty Treatments With No Credit Checks

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