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Uncover What Sets Credee Apart

Here’s what makes Credee a one-stop solution for cosmetic surgery clinics


Flexible Payment Plans

Let your clients access a wider range of cosmetic procedures with payment plans tailored to their needs and preferences.


High Approval Rate

With a ‘No Credit Check’ policy, Credee instantly approves 97% of applicants to undergo their desired cosmetic treatments without financing barriers.


Protected Payments

No more worries of missed payments or non-repayment issues as Credee protects your payments to ensure a consistent cash flow.

payment plans for cosmetic surgery


Web Connect

Empower your clients to explore payment options conveniently 24/7 directly from your clinic's website, enhancing accessibility and the user experience.



Offer flexible payment plans under your brand’s name and automate key business processes using our 45+ powerful APIs.



Automate your debt recovery with a single click and improve the efficiency of your collection process.

Make Your Clients’ Beauty Journey Smoother

Join the ranks of leading cosmetic surgeons who prioritize client satisfaction and accessibility with Credee.

no credit check plastic surgery financing

Take Your Cosmetic Surgery Clinic To New Heights!

Offer flexible payment options that cater to the diverse needs of your clientele. Credee helps ensure a seamless payment experience from start to finish, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional service.

Let Credee handle all the hassle of managing payment plans while you receive uninterrupted recurring payments every month.


Businesses are currently using Credee to make their services widely accessible.

10+ Countries

Credee expanded its global reach to 10+ countries with multi-language and multi-currency support.

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Offer payment plans to more customers without any manual effort.

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