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Empower More Patients While Credee Simplifies Your Payments

Many dental providers turn away patients who cannot pay upfront. However, with Credee, you become the next-door dental care provider who allows patients to pay for dental procedures via easy payment options!

Stand out as a leading dental practitioner who values patient well-being, while Credee handles all the hassle of payment plan management.

Dental Payment Plans

Enjoy the ease of creating and offering on-demand payment plans, breaking down financial barriers to dental treatments.

Credee automates payment plan management and collections, reducing administrative burdens while you focus on providing quality care. With real-time reporting, it simplifies financial management for your dental practice.

Use Credee alongside your existing dental patient financing solution and enjoy offering simplified & diverse payment plan options like never before!

dental patient financing solution

Discover What Makes Credee Your One-Stop Solution For Dental Payment Plans

While traditional dental patient financing providers only approve patients with good credit scores, Credee goes above and beyond to ensure easy access to dental treatments for everyone.

Here's What Sets Credee Apart

No Credit Checks:

Provide quality care to everyone, regardless of their credit history, with Credee's inclusive approach.

High Approval Rates:

Credee instantly approves 97% of applicants, ensuring they get the support they need to get dental treatments without unnecessary delays.

Protected Payments:

No more worries of missed payments or non-repayment issues as Credee PROTECTS your payments to ensure a consistent cash flow.

Web Connect:

Let patients access available payment options 24/7 directly from your website by integrating Credee.

API Hub:

Enjoy a seamless experience and boost efficiency by automating your key business processes with 45+ powerful APIs.


Get paid what you’re owed by automating your debt recovery, ensuring smoother financial operations for your practice.

Dental Payment Plans With No Credit Check

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Offer payment plans to more customers without any manual effort.

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