Offer payment plans for a range of healthcare services:


Empower patients to prioritize their spinal health by offering flexible payment options for chiropractic care.


Improve patient access to vision correction procedures such as cataract surgery, Lasik eye surgery, and more.

Hearing Aid

Allow easier access to hearing aids for patients so that no one misses out on the gift of sound.

Weight Loss

Make weight loss goals more achievable than ever by offering flexible payment options for bariatric surgery and other treatments.


Utilize Credee's healthcare financing solutions to offer patient-friendly payment plans for neurology consultations and treatments.


Enhance patient access to nutrition counseling and dietary services with customizable payment plans tailored to their financial needs.


Ease the burden of medical expenses by offering healthcare payment plans for Ear, Neck, and Throat (ENT) Treatments.

Med Spa Professionals

Promote wellness with Credee's custom-made payment plans for med spa treatments, making self-care a financial breeze.

Orthopedic Surgery

Take a step forward with tailored plans that provide patients with the support they need for a smooth journey toward musculoskeletal wellness.

The Perks?

You increase the chances of patient retention and attract more visits while enhancing the healthcare journey and more!

Quick Approvals With No Credit Checks

The ‘No Credit Check’ policy makes Credee the ideal option for all, especially those who can’t qualify for traditional healthcare patient financing.

Make Payment Plans For Free

There is no fee for creating payment plans with Credee, so you can make unlimited custom payment plans that suit you and your customers’ needs.

Protected Payments, Steady Revenue

Enjoy uninterrupted cash flow via recurring payments. Credee ensures your payments are secure and protects against non-repayment issues.

healthcare financing solutions

Total Control With All-In-One Dashboard

Manage payment plans, get real-time insights, and access analytics, all from a single dashboard. You have full control over setting up payment plans, setting terms, and more.

healthcare patient financing software

Boost Revenue Potential

Offer unmatched flexibility via tailored payment plans, attracting new visitors and boosting profitability.

healthcare payment software

Seamless Integrations

Streamline your workflow and automate redundant/repetitive tasks with our feature-packed suite of 45+ APIs.

Bad Credit Healthcare Financing

Manage Multiple Locations

Cater to a diverse patient base across multiple locations and offer instant payment plans anywhere, at any time. Additionally, Credee’s multi-language and multi-currency capabilities facilitate smooth transactions.

Take The Healthcare Payment Experience To The Next Level With Financial Ease Like Never Before!

Utilize our automated software to offer patient financing plans that can be customized to any budget and convert 45% more patients!

Why Choose Credee?

No Hidden Fee

Credee believes in transparency and does not charge any concealed fees or hidden charges from businesses.

Easy Application Process

The enrollment and onboarding process takes just a few minutes, with a quick verification process to ensure complete security and minimize risks.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate the dashboard with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, which makes it a breeze to keep track of different payment-related operations.

Comprehensive Support

Our experts are just a click away, so reach out to us for any queries or quick assistance with the setup process.

Healthcare Financing Solutions

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