Create flexible payment plans for a range of specialty tests:


Craft a budget-friendly colonoscopy payment plan designed to ensure accessibility for all patients.

colonoscopy payment plan

Body Fluid Testing

Simplify payments for body fluid testing with customizable payment options.

payments plans for body fluid testing


Offer hassle-free endoscopy payment plans tailored to each patient’s financial standing for added convenience.

endoscopy payment plans

Tissue Pathology & Cytology

Streamlined payment options for a comprehensive range of tissue pathology and cytology services.

payment options for Pathology & Cytology

Health Screenings

Ensure seamless payment experiences for health screening and monitoring tests, promoting proactive healthcare.

Health Screenings payment plans

MRI Scans

Ease financial burdens with flexible MRI payment plans, facilitating access to essential diagnostic imaging.

flexible MRI payment plans

Blood Testing

Provide unmatched convenience with a range of payment options, spanning from basic blood tests to specialized DNA testing payment plans.

DNA testing payment plans

Drug Screening & Testing

Customizable lab payment solutions to meet the needs of diagnostic clinics offering substance abuse and workplace toxicology testing services.

lab payment solutions

Genetic Testing

Empower patients to access convenient payment plans for genetic testing, prenatal paternity tests, and other gene-based testing procedures.

convenient payment plans

Stay Ahead With Credee

The one-stop payment solution for clinical testing laboratories


Custom Payment Plans

Create well-tailored payment plans to match the diverse needs of patients from varying financial backgrounds.


Protected Payments

Ensure healthy financial standing & enjoy the perks of receiving timely, recurring payments as Credee protects them.


Web Connect

Save time and effort by integrating Credee directly with your website, allowing instant access to available payment options.

payment solution for clinical testing


97% Approval Rate

With a ‘NO CREDIT CHECK’ policy, grant instant approvals to 97% of applicants and cater to a broader patient base.



Explore our 45+ APIs to automate the tedious, manual administrative processes related to payment plan management.



Leave the billing and past-due recovery to CredeeBill, the automated debt-collection technology, while you enjoy improved cash flow.

Don't Let Cost Hinder Access To Essential Medical Testing

Start providing quality lab & diagnostic services while allowing patients greater flexibility in managing expenses with affordable payment options.

lab & diagnostic payment plans

Gain A Competitive Edge By Offering Unparalleled Payment Flexibility

Extend your services to underserved multicultural communities and minority groups by leveraging Credee’s multi-language capabilities. Effectively communicate about the available payment options with patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds, ensuring they feel supported.

By breaking down language barriers, you create a more inclusive environment, attract a broader range of patients, and establish a positive reputation for your clinical lab.


Join over 10,000 businesses and healthcare clinics currently utilizing Credee to make their services widely accessible.

10+ Countries

Credee has extended its reach to more than 10 countries worldwide with multi-language and multi-currency support.

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