Provide payment plans for a range of veterinary services:

Routine Veterinary Checkups

Emergency Pet Care

Pet Diagnosis & Medication

Veterinary Surgery

Pet Chiropractor

Pet Grooming

Pet Food And Nutrition

Tailored Vet Payment Plans: Improve Pet Lives, Deliver Exceptional Care

Streamline the payment process with Credee so you can devote your full attention to delivering exceptional care to beloved pets. Let our automated system handle the intricacies of managing payment plans.

Vets with payment plans not only increase patient satisfaction but also enjoy uninterrupted, recurring cash flow.

Vet Payment Plans

Simply integrate Credee into your existing system and offer payment plans to website visitors 24/7.

Credee offers instant approval to 97% of applicants within minutes! Additionally, you don’t have to worry about missed payments, as Credee PROTECTS your payments.

Gain the competitive edge by offering unmatched payment flexibility that empowers pet parents to choose your services without worrying about finances.

Vets with payment plans

Did you know that vets that offer payment plans enjoy a 47% boost in clientele?

Offering payment plans for vet bills shows that you truly care about the well-being of pets and understand the financial challenges that pet parents face.

The Ultimate One-Stop Payment Solution For Veterinary Practices

Flexible Plans With High Approval Rate:

With a ‘No Credit Check’ policy, Credee ensures high approval rates, eliminating financial barriers to essential veterinary treatments.

Protected Payments:

Credee offers PROTECTED PAYMENTS, safeguarding against missed payments or non-repayment issues, ensuring a steady cash flow for your practice.

Easy API Hub Integration:

Enhance accessibility and user experience by integrating Credee's powerful APIs to offer flexible payment plans under your brand’s name and automate key business processes.

Automate Debt Recovery:

Simplify the collection process with CredeeBill, so you can focus on providing exceptional care to your furry patients while optimizing collections.

Payment Solution For Veterinary Practices

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