This approach is ideal for pharmaceutical practices offering:

Prescription Drugs

Flu Shots

Home Test Kits

General Medications

Vitamins & Supplements

Medical Equipment & PPE Accessories

Immunization Shots & Vaccinations

Effortless Payments For Pharmaceutical Practices, Improved Accessibility For Patients.

Many patients struggle to afford expensive medications as they constitute high out-of-pocket costs. However, by integrating Credee, you can create a payment plan for prescriptions that are too costly for patients, helping those who need them the most.

In addition to any existing pharmacy financing system, you can start offering custom-made payment options that fit every patient’s budget while benefiting from recurring revenue via monthly payments.

flexible medical payment plans

Automate Billing And Collections With CredeeBill

We understand the pharmaceutical billing & past-due recovery challenges. Hence, Credee is equipped with automated debt collection technology to streamline payments.

Leave all the heavy lifting of consistent follow-ups and debt recovery monitoring to CredeeBill. Ensure a steady cash flow for your pharmacy's finances and growth.

Medical Payment Plans For Pharmacy and Medicine

What Makes Credee A Top Choice For Pharmacies & Medicine Centers?

Access to critical medications often lags due to inflexible payment approaches. Credee bridges these gaps, enabling pharmaceutical professionals to allow patients to pay bills in easy installments.

Your One-Stop Solution For No Credit Check Payment Plans

Unmatched Flexibility

Customize payment plans, adjust installments, and set recurring payments according to individual budgets and preferences.

High Approval Rates

Setup takes just a few minutes, with almost 97% of applicants receiving instant approval.

More Inclusive Approach

Credee’s 'No Credit Check' policy makes it a more accessible and inclusive option to extend a helping hand to patients.

Quick Integration With Website

Seamlessly integrate Credee's payment options into your website with Web Connect, converting leads faster.

Easy API Hub Integration

Boost brand recognition by integrating Credee APIs and providing payment plans under your brand name while automating mundane tasks.

Multi-language & Multi-Currency Features

Credee is also equipped with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities, extending its reach to more than 10 countries worldwide.

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Offer payment plans to more customers without any manual effort.

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