Credee’s April Updates Are Here!

As businesses continue to evolve in today's dynamic landscape, the demand for seamless financing solutions is at an all-time high. At Credee, we're committed to staying ahead of the curve and empowering businesses with cutting-edge tools and features. So, let's dive in!

SimpleeFi and KeepeeFi Payment Plans Now Available in Web Connect:

We are excited to announce that our KeepeeFi and SimpleeFi with Deferred Interest payment plans can now be integrated directly with your business website via our Web Connect feature. This means, your customers will be able to enjoy the freedom to choose from different types of payment plans that cater to their needs in the best way possible while you attract more revenue opportunities effortlessly.

Also, this feature is available to businesses by default for a smooth experience. So simply log in to your account and get started without delay!

How To Add KeepeeFi and SimpleeFi With Deferred Interest Plans to Your Website?

Sign in to your Credee account and navigate to the Web Connect feature.

Click on "Add Service" and choose the SimpleeFi or KeepeeFi Payment Plan as per your preference.

You can provide 12-month no-interest payment plans with SimpleeFi With Deferred Interest. Or you can provide tailored payment plans while enjoying the freedom to set and keep the interest rate to satisfy your business goals as needed with KeepeeFi.

The next step is to select the “Plan Type”. You can choose whether you’d like to offer a payment plan for a Fixed Service or a Variable Service.

Enter the required details to create the service package for the plans you choose to display on your website.

And, click on “Publish Service” once done.

Customers can view the available plans in the "Choose a Payment Plan" screen from the customer panel.

After the user chooses a payment plan and fills in all the details, the following screen will be displayed.

& You’re All Set!

Experience the power of KeepeeFi and SimpleeFi with Deferred Interest payment plans and offer your customers unparalleled payment flexibility!

<<< A Quick Recap 

In case you missed it, here's a brief look at the exciting updates and features we introduced this quarter!

January Newsletter Updates :

  • Next In Line Updates:

    Sneak Peek into the upcoming enhancements in the Partner Panel & a teaser of CredeeBill.

  • Year End Recap:

    The newsletter also included a sum up of all the developments at Credee in the previous year.

  • Top Success Stories:

    We also shared the real-life success stories of some of our top customers who have been valued members of the Credee community.

Whirlwind of Updates in February:

  • We Unveiled CredeeBill:

    This newly launched feature has been designed to automate your overdue account receivables with just a click. 

  • SimpleeFi With Deferred Interest (12 Months): 

    We upgraded Credee's SimpleeFi payment plan with a deferred interest period extended from 3 months to 12 months.

  • Upcoming Updates: 

    Looking ahead, we’re excited to launch our new Partner App, promising accessibility and unmatched convenience for our partners.

In Our March Newsletter:

  • CredeeBill FAQs Session: 

    We addressed your top questions about CredeeBill, covering steps to automate existing overdue accounts.

  • Website Revamp: 

    Credee’s website got a full makeover with a fresh new look, updated information, and valuable resources for an empowering user experience.

& That’s A Wrap!

See You Next Time With New Updates, New Insights, And New Innovations. Until Next Time! 👋

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