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No Language Barriers: Credee’s Multilingual Update Is LIVE!

Credee now speaks Polish, German, Italian, French, and Spanish! Create payment plans from your dashboard, send contracts, and access the website in the language of your choice.

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Embrace Global Expansion: Credee's Multinational Currency Support Is Up and Running!

We've expanded to 10 countries with more expansion down the line to meet your needs like never before. Check out the countries and currencies Credee now supports:

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Feature of the Month

Web Connect: Unlock the Power of 24/7 Revenue Generation!

Let your customers access the payment plans directly from your website as and when they want, and boost your sales effortlessly!

Did you know?

Businesses using Web Connect reported a 31% increase in revenue within the first month!

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What’s Cooking?

Japanese Language: Get ready for more linguistic diversity! Japanese language support has just launched!

Japanese Currency: Exciting news! Japanese currency support is just around the corner and will be available soon. Once up and running, you will be able to seamlessly transact in Japanese Yen (¥), opening doors to a wider audience.

Stay tuned for additional multi-currency options that will enrich your experience of financing customers from multiple countries.

Trick or Treat?

We Surely Have a Treat for You!

Boost Your Earnings With Credee Partner Program

Our partners reported an average increase of $10,000-$25,000 in monthly earnings through the Credee Partner Program.

Whether you're a new or existing business, becoming a part of our partner program has many exciting benefits.

What Makes Credee the Best?

Let us take a closer look at how Credee compares to its competitors.

Criteria Credee Traditional Lenders Other Lending Solutions
Payment Flexibility Flexible Payment Options Limited Flexibility Limited Flexibility
Flexibility to Customize Flexible Fixed Terms Limited
Credit Checks No Yes Yes
Approval Rate High (97%) Less than 60% Varies
Application Process Fully online, quick, and easy process. Involves in-person visits May involve online applications or in-person visits
Approval Time Instant approval   Takes weeks to months for approval Approval times vary
Payment Protection Yes No Varies
Multilingual Support Yes No Limited
Automated Debt Recovery Yes No No
Integration Capabilities Seamless Integration Not available Limited compatibility
Affordability Affordable subscription plans N/A Varies

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