We bring you a bountiful basket of
exciting updates and opportunities this

Thanksgiving month!


As we welcome a season of gratitude, growth, and prosperity, let's mark it with an exciting new addition!

Unlock the World of New Possibilities with Credee's Multi-Currency Support!

Credee now supports a whopping 10+ currencies. This update empowers businesses to accept payments in various currencies, from the US Dollar to the Euro, and Yen.

  • Global Opportunities: Accepting payments in multiple currencies opens a new global market for your business.

  • No Currency Exchange Risks: Diversify your income streams, mitigating currency exchange risks.

  • Simplified Transactions: Enjoy smoother dealings with customers who want to pay in native currency.

  • Competitive Edge: Stay competitive by offering a seamless payment experience to your customers.

  • Expand Revenue Streams: Cater to a broader customer base and increase profitability & sales.

Your Language, Your Partner Panel

Imagine having the Partner Panel at your fingertips in the language you know the best. We're working to bring you this convenience, allowing you to navigate and work with the Credee Partner Panel effortlessly.

Stay tuned for this exciting development that will further empower affiliates like you to achieve even greater success.

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The CredeeBill Countdown Begins!

CredeeBill is on the verge of going live and the excitement is in the
air - your enthusiasm and curiosity have not gone unnoticed.

We've gathered the top three inquiries you've had about CredeeBill, and
we're here to address them:

  • Question: What Advantages Does CredeeBill Offer?

    Answer: CredeeBill is designed to automate business debt recovery processes, saving you time and effort. It eliminates manual efforts, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Question: Does CredeeBill Come at an Extra Cost?

    Answer: No, CredeeBill is part of our comprehensive subscription plan, and there are no additional costs associated with its use.

  • Question: What Are the Chances that My Customer Will Pay the Debt?

    Answer: CredeeBill significantly increases the chances of debt recovery. Your customers have three convenient payment options: Pay in full, Make a partial payment and settle the rest in installments, or Create a customized payment plan that suits their financial situation. This flexibility improves the likelihood of successful debt repayment.

If you have more questions or need further assistance regarding
CredeeBill, we’re here to help.

KeepeeFi - A Thanksgiving Feast

It's your recipe for financial success and an improved customer experience. And just like a Thanksgiving warm meal, KeepeeFi offers an array of delights:

  • Customized Interest Rates:

    Customize and keep the interest rate, ensuring your financial goals are aligned with your customers' needs.

  • Tailored Contracts:

    Create contracts that are a perfect fit for your customers. 

  • Timely Payments, No Reserves:

    Credee doesn't hold any reserves, which means you get paid when your customer makes a payment.

  • No Upfront Fees:

    There are no upfront fees for you or your customers to worry about, making the financing experience seamless.

  • Repeat Business:

    Empower your customers to make larger purchases with ease, leading to more sales and greater customer retention.

Unlock new possibilities for your business today!

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more exciting updates. Let's continue this journey of growth & success together! 

We wish you a warm and joyful Thanksgiving.


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