Understanding The Cost Of Facelift Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Vishali
  • May 23, 2024
Facelift Cost

A facelift is an effective procedure to help recapture a youthful look by tightening the facial muscles and reducing visible signs of aging, i.e., wrinkles, saggy skin, etc.

As for the price of a facelift procedure, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the average cost of a facelift is approximately $9,281. However, this figure merely scratches the surface of the other expenses related to this treatment. In reality, the cost ranges from $8,005 to $30,000 or higher. This constitutes a broad range of factors, such as location, how invasive the procedure is, the type of facelift, and other associated costs.

In this blog, we’ll answer the burning question, “How much does a facelift cost?” based on various factors and discuss ways to pay for the treatment with ease.

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How Much Does A Facelift Cost Considering Associated Factors?

Facelift pricing varies from patient to patient, as each has unique aesthetic goals. Hence, the cost varies based on the surgeon’s experience, facility costs, location, and other factors, such as the following.

FactorParticularsAverage Cost
Surgeon’s FeesIt varies depending on the surgeon’s experience, specialty, and expertise. A highly qualified surgeon can help achieve better results and lower the risk of complications.✔ For less invasive: 

✔ For a more invasive and complex procedure: 
Facility CostsIt includes the standard fee for the operating room, any special equipment, and other associated expenses.$1,600–$3,100
Anesthesia FeesStandard anesthesia costs$1,200–$2,500
Pre & Post-Op CarePre- and post-surgical care, medications, ointments, follow-up visits, medical tests, and other expenses$50–$300+
Insurance Coverage Or FinancingGenerally not covered or partial coverage (if applicable)
Additional CostsThese are potential costs, depending on how invasive the procedure is and whether the surgery will be performed in combination with another cosmetic procedure.Varies

Here’s An Overview Of Different Types Of Facelift Surgeries And How They Affect The Cost

Facelifts range from minimally invasive procedures like thread lifts to complex and invasive procedures like deep plane facelifts. The cost can vary greatly depending on the type of facelift you need. The surgeon usually determines the type of procedure depending on the patient's aesthetic goals.

Here is a cost comparison of different types of facelifts (excluding associated costs).

Type Of FaceliftAverage Price RangeAverage Cost
Traditional Full FaceLift$7,000–$15,000$9,281
Mini FaceLift$3,500–$10,000$7,525
Mid FaceLift$6,000–$10,000$8,950
Lower FaceLift$5,500–$22,000$9,950
Deep Plane Facelift$8,000–$38,000$16,175

Average FaceLift Cost In Major Cities Across The U.S.

Full Facelift Cost
Mini Facelift CostThread Lift Cost
New York CityNew York $20,000–$80,000 $11,767–$16,125$2,000–$6,000
Los AngelesCalifornia$12,000–$50,000$3,500– $9,000 $2,000–$5,000
San FranciscoCalifornia $10,000–$50,000$14,500–$17,667$1,500–$5,000
MiamiFlorida$10,000–$16,000$7,000– $9,500$2,250–$8,000
HoustonTexas$7,000 - $14,000$3,500–$8,000$2,100–$4,200
ChicagoIllinois $7,000–$15,000$2,750–$12,700$1,100–$4,500
Denver Colorado$15,000–$27,000$9,970–$11,887$3,000–$4,500
West Palm BeachFlorida$10,000–$34,000$5,900–$6,946$1,500–$3,000+
PrincetonNew Jersey$12,000–$18,000$7,000–$9,000$700–$4,500
Ann ArborMichigan$6,357– $15,824$3,900–$7,048$1,200–$2,000+
Las VegasNevada$10,000–$50,000$5,650–$8,000 $2,500–$3,800
CharlotteNorth Carolina$9,000–$14,000$7,214–$10,000$1,200–$4,500
MilwaukeeWisconsin$9,900–$13,250  $4,900–$12,000$3,500–$6,000
Philadelphia Pennsylvania $4,500–$20,000$3,500–$6,500$1,500–$3,000+
Atlanta Georgia$8,000–$14,000$6,000–$8,000$1,200–$3,500+  
New OrleansLouisiana$11,500–$18,200$6,000–$9,000$2,250–$4,900
St. LouisMissouri$11,000–$15,000$3,900–$8,000$2,000–$5,900
MinneapolisMinnesota $12,000–$15,300$5,900–$11,000$1,100–$1,500+
MemphisMississippi $8,700–$12,000$3,200–$8,500$700–$4,500
ConcordNew Hampshire$9,000 –$15,500$6,500–$7,500$2,000–$3,200+
AlbuquerqueNew Mexico$7,000–$15,000$4,000–$8,000$1,125–$3,000
CharlestonWest Virginia$8,500–$18,000$6,500–$9,000$2,000–$3,500
Iowa CityIowa$7,500–$15,000$6,000–$10,000$1,200–$3,500
Baton RougeLouisiana$11,900–$15,000$6,000–$9,000$1,000–$4,500
Fairfield Connecticut $20,000–$25,000$6,408–$11,500$1,000–$3,000+
FargoNorth Dakota$7,150–$15,000$3,500–$6,500$700–$2,880+
Aberdeen South Dakota$10,100–$25,000$3,200–$8,500$1,200–$3,500+
CharlestonSouth Carolina$11,743–$17,525$7,500–$9,200$1,000–$2,500+
**These are the estimated average costs updated as of May 2024. But it is crucial to remember that, the actual total cost may differ after including the associated costs. Nowadays, many opt for a combo treatment, i.e. face & neck lift or facelift with a brow lift, which also impacts the total cost.   
Combo TreatmentRemarksAverage Cost
Face + Neck LiftBest suited for individuals aged 35 to 65$5,774–$12,700
Facelift + Brow LiftLifts the eyebrows, minimizes wrinkles and frown lines, and tightens sagging facial muscles$3,000–$8,000
Facelift + Cheek LiftHelps restore fullness in the eyelid-cheek area$10,000–$20,000
Facelift + Eyelid LiftHelps eliminate droopy eyelids and achieve a cohesive & younger appearance overall$4,000–$10,000
Facelift + Fat GraftingImproves facial contouring, giving you a plump, soft, and youthful appearance$8,000–$15,000
Lower Facelift + Cheek & Jowl LiftIdeal for clients with visibly saggy skin on the lower part of their face. Helps achieve a sharper jawline$7,000–$15,000+

Is A FaceLift Worth The Money?

A facelift can be well worth the investment for boosting self-confidence and enhancing your appearance. This procedure swiftly reduces aging signs like wrinkles and saggy skin, giving your face a tighter, more youthful look. It's like turning back the clock by a decade, which is something that even using high-notch cosmetics can't achieve.

However, before making a decision, do thorough research and consult a certified surgeon. Since facelifts are often elective, they're typically not covered by insurance. However, various financing options offer easy monthly payments, making it more accessible.

Alternative Payment Options For Facelift Surgery

1. Financing

If your credit history is good, financing may be a convenient option for you. A lot of cosmetic clinics work with third-party lenders such as AccessOne or CareCredit. They offer the option to pay for the facelift over time in fixed monthly installments. Applicants usually need a credit score of 640 or above to be eligible for such financing.

2. Payment Plan Options

If you prefer not to use financing, payment plans are a convenient alternative. Nowadays, many providers offer flexible payment plans through platforms like Credee. With Credee, the provider can create a customized payment plan that fits your budget perfectly. What's more, Credee’s 'no credit check' policy, makes approval easier compared to traditional financing methods.

3. Personal Loans

Some people also use a personal loan from a bank or credit union to pay for a facelift. Similar to financing providers, lenders prefer a good credit score, such as 670 or above. So, as long as you can satisfy the financial requirements, you can use a personal loan to pay for the facelift.

4. Medical Credit Cards

Medical credit cards can also be used to pay for elective operations like facelifts. You can spend the predetermined credit limit on these cards for your procedure. But keep in mind that medical credit cards can have high interest rates, so before using one, make sure you thoroughly read the terms.

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Final Thoughts

A facelift can be a transformative procedure, providing long-term results and increasing your confidence by giving you a more youthful appearance. However, before starting, you should carefully evaluate the financial aspects and research your payment options.

While money is crucial, it should not be the only element in your decision-making process. Quality outcomes necessitate the services of a qualified and experienced surgeon, which may come at a greater cost. Nevertheless, there are ways to make the procedure more affordable.

Many clinics provide payment plans that let you stretch out the expense of your facelift over time, making it more manageable and accessible. So you should talk to your surgeon about flexible payment plans, such as those provided by Credee.

Facelift Costs: Answering The Top Questions

1. What Is A Facelift?

A facelift is an aesthetic procedure to rejuvenate your appearance. It tightens the facial muscles, reducing visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, saggy skin, jowls, sunken cheeks, and more.

2. Does Insurance Cover The Facelift Procedure?

No. However, in special circumstances, i.e., if the facelift is part of trauma-related reconstructive surgeries insurance may cover part of the expenses. 

3. Which Is The Cheapest Facelift Option?

Thread lift is the most cost-effective facelift procedure with an average cost starting at $700 per thread. The overall cost can range between $1200–$3,000 in most places. The effects are usually noticeable within a day or two and can last for 1–3 years.

4. Which Is The Most Expensive Facelift?

A deep plane facelift for the full face in New York is one of the most expensive. The deep plane facelift cost usually starts at $20,000 and can reach up to $80,000–$100,000 on the higher end.

5. Can A Facelift Help Get Rid Of Jowls?

As jowls appear in the lower part of the face, a lower facelift, which costs around $9,950 on average, can be a viable option. 

6. Can I Pay For Facelift In Installments?

Yes. Many cosmetic surgery clinics offer flexible payment plans to make it easier via monthly payment. So, you should discuss your payment options upfront.

7. What If I’m Not Eligible For Financing?

In that case, you should ask your provider whether they offer Credee payment plans. Credee has a ‘No Credit Check’ policy, which makes it an ideal option for applicants who may not qualify for traditional financing.

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