Credee Participates At The California Dental Association Event 2023 – The Art And Science Of Dentistry

  • Credee Team
  • June 13, 2023
Credee CDA

The primary goal of being at the event

The Credee booth, a hive of activity and interaction, attracted numerous dentists eager to discover how this remarkable software could bridge the gap between dental care providers and their patients.

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Credee's primary objective at the event was clear—to empower dentists with software that enhances patient care and provides flexible payment plan options. The software's live demonstrations at the booth captivated hundreds of attendees. Our team successfully showcased real-world case studies, highlighting Credee's positive impact on diverse clientele and various industries. The attendees were impressed by the tangible results achieved by thousands of dentists already using Credee.

Discovering Credee’s user-friendly experience

At the Credee booth, attendees had the privilege of experiencing firsthand how Credee’s software seamlessly integrates into dental practices. Dentists learned about the user-friendly interface and the software's ability to automate all payment plan-related processes. 


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One of the key highlights that grabbed the attendees' attention was Credee's NO CREDIT CHECK policy. The team explained how Credee eliminates the need for a credit assessment when offering dental care payment plans

This policy, combined with a 97% approval rate, made it particularly appealing to dentists. The objective was to explain how Credee has made it easier for individuals to receive the necessary dental care without the traditional hurdles of credit checks.

Exciting giveaways and social media buzz

Apart from the knowledge-sharing and interactive sessions, the Credee team added an extra dose of excitement to the event.  The team delighted attendees with giveaways—customized bags, Bluetooth speakers, Airpods, and many gift coupons. As a grand prize, one lucky attendee is to be awarded a memorable trip to Cancun for FREE.

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Furthermore, CDA enthusiastically promoted Credee through their social media stories. Being featured on CDA’s official social media channels offered Credee valuable exposure and solidified its position as a reliable dental payment plan software solution.


Credee's participation in the CDA Presents 2023 showcased its commitment to empowering dentists and improving patient experiences. By facilitating flexible payment plan options, Credee bridges the gap between dental care providers and patients. It further ensures that financial constraints do not impede access to essential treatments. With its global presence and diverse team, Credee is on a path of constant growth and innovation, shaping the future of dentistry in collaboration with dental professionals worldwide.

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