How Much Do Butt Implants Cost?

  • Prakrati
  • November 6, 2023
How much do butt implants cost
The global buttock augmentation market size was estimated at USD 1.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 22.0% from 2021 to 2028.

And that's no surprise. Buttock augmentation is the in-thing and is more normalized now than ever, especially butt implants. This cosmetic surgical procedure contours or enhances the shape and size of the butt, allowing people to achieve their desired body type. 

However, with the growing demand, the butt implant cost remains a concern for many who wonder if it's too much of a price to pay. In this blog, we'll do away with all your concerns about butt implant surgery cost. We'll additionally answer "How much does buttocks augmentation cost," and compare "How much are butt injections" and "How much do butt implants cost?" Furthermore, we'll delve into financing options for butt implants, including flexible payment plans through Credee.

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Average Butt Implant Cost

The average cost of butt implants is $5,482, according to the most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Although, this is not an all-inclusive cost of butt implants. Other cost elements can add to the total cost to quite an extent; these include:

  • Surgeon's fee
  • Hospital or surgical facility costs
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Medical tests, such as blood work or imaging 
  • Prescriptions for medication
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Special pillows for a smooth recovery
  • Follow-up appointments

Depending on these elements, the final cost of the butt implant may reach up to $21,000. Several factors, including geographic location and choice of surgeon, may also influence the cost of butt implants. It's best to consult an entrusted plastic surgeon to determine your final fee. 

Cost of Butt Implants in Major Cities

State Average Cost
New York$10,417
North Carolina$11, 675

Phase-Wise Breakdown of Butt Implant Cost

Cost ComponentEstimated Cost Range
Initial Consultation$100 - $300
Surgical Fees$3,000 - $8,000
Implant Cost$1,000 - $2,000
Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Care$100 - $400
Compression Garments$50 - $100
Additional CostsVaries
Total Cost$4,150 - $10,400

How Much Does Buttocks Augmentation Cost?

In 2021 alone, U.S. doctors conducted more than 61,000 butt augmentation procedures, as reported by The Aesthetic Society.

Buttock augmentations are on a lot of people's minds, as is the question, "How much does buttock augmentation cost?" After all, knowing if it's feasible is the first step toward deciding whether or not to go for it. However, buttocks augmentation is an umbrella term for several procedures, including butt injections and butt implants. So, how much does butt augmentation cost you primarily depends on the procedure you choose. Additionally, the cost can vary based on your location, the surgeon's experience, and the facility where the surgery is performed. 

To help you further understand the cost of buttocks augmentations, let's discuss how much are butt injections for, and how much butt implants cost.


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How Much are Butt Injections VS How Much Do Butt Implants Cost

Butt Injections Cost

1. Fat Transfer: Butt injections cost when it comes to a Brazilian Butt Lift AKA fat transfer can range from $4,000 to $10,000. However, the cost may vary depending on various factors like the amount of fat being transferred and the surgeon's fee.

2. Synthetic Fillers: Butt injections cost when synthetic fillers are used can range from $500 to $10,000 or more per session. However, the cost can increase depending on the number of sessions required to attain the desired results. Also, the cost may vary based on the dermal fillers used. For instance, Sculptra costs $853 on average while Radiesse costs $717.

Butt Implant Cost

As we’ve previously discussed, the average butt implant cost is $5,482. However, the butt implant surgery cost can range anywhere between $4,000 to $10,000. If you want a definitive answer to "How much do butt implants cost?", it's best to consult your surgeon. They can give you the exact booty implant cost considering all the contributing factors like the type of implant, surgeon's fees, anesthesia, and facility fees. 

Butt Injections Vs Butt Implants

There are underlying reasons for the difference between butt injections cost and butt implant cost. Getting an insight into the two procedures will help you understand it better.

Aspect Butt Injections Butt Implants
Procedure Type Non-surgical injections of materials like fat or silicone Surgical placement of silicone implants
Invasiveness & Recovery Less invasive and shorter recovery More invasive with longer recovery
Customization & Results Limited customization with temporary results Customizable with long-lasting results
Natural Appearance Usually more natural-looking May look less natural
Risk of Complications Lower risk of complications Higher risk of complications

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Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Butt Implants?

Typically, health insurance does not cover the cost of butt implants as they are elective procedures. Moreover, they serve cosmetic or aesthetic purposes and aren't medically necessary. 

However, whether insurance covers butt implants also depends on several factors, including the insurance type and its specific policy terms and conditions, and the reason for the procedure. It's best to check with your insurance provider and your health provider to get a better understanding of your specific coverage.

Financing Butt Implants: Best Payment Options to Consider

1. Personal Savings: Since insurance doesn't cover the butt implant cost, many people use their savings to pay for the procedure. Firstly, it may take you a substantial amount of time to accumulate the necessary funds. Secondly, consider the proportion of your savings that you're using for the procedure. If it isn't feasible or will exhaust your rainy day fund, you may want to explore other options before deciding.

2. Medical Loans: If you want to avail a loan to pay for your butt implant cost, there are financial institutions and medical lending companies that provide loans for cosmetic procedures. Typically, these loans bear competitive interest rates. However, considering the tenure of the repayment plan and the provider, it may cost you way more in the long run. 

3. Flexible Payment Plans: Given the rising popularity of butt augmentation procedures, many surgeons offer flexible payment plans to patients. They do so through Credee. It allows you to break the butt implant surgery cost or even butt injections cost into smaller, more manageable monthly installments. Moreover, Credee has a NO CREDIT CHECK policy and a 97% approval rate, which means your surgeon can instantly approve you. You may want to look for surgeons or surgical centers offering Credee's flexible payment plans in your area.

4. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): Another way to pay for your butt implant is using funds from these accounts. However, these funds are best used for medical emergencies. So, weigh all your options before you decide on it. 

It’s crucial to weigh all your options before deciding the best way to finance your butt implant. Ensure you reflect on your financial resources and consider long-term implications before deciding. 


Buttock augmentation procedures, especially butt implants, have gained tremendous popularity. And the cost remains a pivotal consideration. Understanding the cost factors and different procedures, and considering reliable financing options like flexible payment plans through Credee, allow you to undergo the required treatment without draining your savings or facing denials for financing.

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