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Your Top Questions Answered! 

In our previous newsletter, we invited our valued business partners to ask us any questions they had. This time we've packed it with all the details in response to your top questions about our newly launched feature—CredeeBill.


What Are the Steps to Automate My Existing Overdue Account Receivables? 

Answer: CredeeBill has 2 options: 

Option 1:

If you want to recover debt from specific customers, you can select the ‘Single Customer’ option and enter the customer details manually.

Option 2:

If you have many customers, you can upload the list of all your overdue accounts all at once by selecting the ‘Multiple Customers’ option.

Simply upload a file (CSV, XLSX) containing information on your outstanding accounts. Additionally, we offer the option to download a sample file, providing you with helpful information to understand the exact requirements for successful uploading.


 Is CredeeBill Free to Use?

Yes, it's absolutely FREE to use, and currently, there’s no usage limit. So, you can conveniently fully automate your debt collection process with just a click!


Are There Any Setup Fees or Hidden Charges for Using CredeeBill?

No, there’s no setup fee applicable or hidden costs. Credee believes in transparency. Our CredeeBill feature is available for all businesses that are using Credee to create & manage payment plans. So, if you already have a Credee account, simply click on CredeeBill in your dashboard and get started!

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