Top 10 Effective Ways To Get New Clients

  • Gurmanpreet
  • May 2, 2023
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Here are ten effective ways to attract new customers and engage the old ones

1. Provide Discounts And Offers

Most people get attracted to offers and discounts offered by businesses. Provide introductory discounts, deals like referral discounts, and limited-time offers on certain services to entice customers to your business. 

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Deals like these can draw in new clients who prefer doing business with you but need a push to alter their purchasing patterns. Then keep checking their purchases and the promotions they like the most. It can help you target them more effectively in the future with messaging that can win their loyalty.

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2. Offer Flexible Payment Plans Or Customer Financing

The main advantage of providing payment plans or patient financing options to customers is to increase sales. Expensive services become more affordable for prospective buyers, particularly those who want to buy but don’t have financial resources. 

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Every business can offer flexible payment plans or customer financing options with the help of third-party providers like Credee, which protects payments.

Only you can determine whether this option makes sense for you and your clients because every business is unique. Getting started might be much simpler than you imagine if you understand this concept. Including a payment plan option can help whether your goal is to grow customers, boost cash flow, or increase overall sales.

3. Partner With Complementary Businesses

Collaborative efforts can sometimes bring in the best results. Think of partnering with your industry peers to offer some unique value to your targeted audiences.

You can run campaigns in partnership with other relevant businesses to expose your brand to a wide and new audience.

4. Integrate API

Application programming interfaces (APIs) help in data sharing and app functionality enhancement. Moreover, API integration solutions can help with digital transformation, which improves IT ecosystem flexibility, increases automation potential, and streamlines business operations. Over 17% of devices use iOS, 40%  use Android, and 31.5% use Windows.

API integration for payment options can provide you with some benefits:

Generate contract- This option simplifies the contract generation process for a customer to start payment plans in the system.

Proposal- It allows you to send contract proposals and manage them.

Provider contract- This option helps retrieve the contract details, list of provider’s contracts, recurring date, change amount, and payment date.

Claim process- You can get a list of available claims, missing payments of the contract, and documents.

Payment- This option helps view the payment status of the customer.

Report- You can view the provider’s contract report and payout details.

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5. Get Referrals

One of the best ways to get new customers is through referrals. Waiting for your present clients to recommend their friends and relatives to you can take a while. You can generate referrals in the sales process for a highly-requested service. You can offer your existing customers discounts for referring someone.

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Send a follow-up email, for instance, asking for a recommendation after a customer has received a service from your business. When you contact a customer to provide answers to questions following a sale, ask them for referrals. A happy customer can refer anyone in his contact to get services from your business, even if you don’t offer anything in return. 

6. Re-Contact Old Customers

You can also get new customers by contacting clients you haven’t seen for a long time. Contact them at a particular time interval, maybe quarterly or once a month. Reach out to them via emails, text messages, or calls. 

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Give them new offers and discounts to get them back into your business. Old customers already know your brand and are interested in what you offer. They may need the motivation to get back. Give them that little push they need and create custom offers for them.

  • Sponsor a contest.
  • Host a giveaway.
  • Introduce new features or services.
  • Offer them a special deal.

7. Create A Network

Meeting new people and sharing who you are and what you do is the best approach to increasing brand awareness. It’s best to join a trade association or networking group.

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Participate in networking groups and events relevant to your market to generate good old-fashioned word of mouth. Don't approach networking with a "what's in it for me" mindset. Instead, ask yourself, "How can I help others?" By considering how you may be of service, you can create connections that bring in new clients.


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8. Update The Website

Consumers and B2B buyers mostly use online searches to discover new firms. This means you need an interactive and optimized website for people to find you. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly while reviewing your search engine marketing and optimization strategies.

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Your website's design matters. Heavy graphics can make your website slow. You may lose customers and see higher bounce rates. Hire a digital marketing firm or SEO specialist if you don't have an experienced in-house expert. Keep updating your website with the latest offers and promotions for users to return to your brand.

9. Take Advantage Of Online Reviews

Consumers regularly consult online ratings and review sites when doing business with a brand-new company. So, ensure to keep an eye on those reviews. Stick to positive reviews on your website to capitalize on them. 

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Encourage existing customers to share their opinions online and offline. New clients are more likely to try your services if they see others praising social proof is persuasive.

10. Participate In Community Events

People generally support locally-owned businesses in their neighborhoods. Participate in charitable activities and organizations to increase your visibility in your community. It raises awareness of your brand and attracts new clients.

Final Thoughts

You need a strategic business plan to keep attracting customers. Also, it requires effort to maintain email marketing, social media, and review websites. It requires work to allocate money for promotions and samples. Yet as your consumer base expands, it will all be worthwhile. However, don’t hesitate to try out different ideas and discover what works for your company.

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